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My question is regarding Elephant Garlic. I bought 6 cloves a few weeks ago and set them in compost in 10 litre pots, 3 in each. I normally grow garlic in the ground but as the cloves weren't cheap and I wanted to give them a good start, I grew them in the pots. They are all growing well in the pots in the coldframe. My question is, should I plant them out in the open ground or leave them where they are. Thank you



Personally I would leave in the pots especially as the pots are huge , when you bring out in the spring do it slowly so the tender stalks get used to the outside conditions let us know how you get on


9 Nov, 2013


I always grow garlic in pots.

As you say the cloves are expensive.

I have toyed with the idea of using cloves from the supermarket but they always tell you not to due where the cloves were initially grow, perhaps in foreign climes, so they are not accustomed to British conditions.

10 Nov, 2013


Thanks Gg and Spotted.

Its good to know they can be grown in pots, I'll leave them in situ then.

I thought the supermarket garlic was treated in some way so it will not grow. I usually grow garlic from my own cloves each year but fancied trying the elephant ones.

10 Nov, 2013

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