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Transplanting shrubs. I have a photinia 'red robin', a viburnum carlesii 'Aurora' and a viburnum 'carcephalum' that I want to move to other part of my garden. Could I do it now now the plant is dormant? As it has been so mild and ground is not frozen thought it might be ok. Also when to prune these? Many thanks. Amsterdam :]



yep, do it now as long as the ground isn't frozen or waterlogged

22 Dec, 2013


Thanks badfish. Will get round to it although not in the next coupe of days as forecast is horrendous, lots of rain!

22 Dec, 2013


dig the new holes first and then lift the shrubs with as much soil as possible. be careful they may be heavy so watch your back. This way they will not dry out too much and will recover better. Pruning only to maintain shape in the spring.

23 Dec, 2013

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