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Dumfriesshire, United Kingdom Gb

will this thrive here? SW Scotland 500feet up cold (to minus 17C last winter) and windy. Wild honeysuckle does ok.

On plant Lonicera caerulea



This is described as 'very hardy' and grows in Russia! So Scotland should be a breeze!

25 Mar, 2010


I've tried it in Aberdeen and it grows fine, but it doesn't flower, which may defeat the point of it for you. I've seen one other grower of it up here and they say the same thing. Even if it does flower bear in mind that it isn't self fertile so you'll need more than one bush.

Unfortunately coming from Russia, even Siberia, is no guarantee of doing well in Scotland as they have a very continental climate compared to our maritime one. This means that although their winters are way colder than ours their summers can be hotter and Siberiand plants often fail here because they can't ripen either their wood or their fruit.

24 Jul, 2012

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