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Brugmansia in the winter?


By Grindle

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

What do you do with yours in the winter? Last year I managed to just barely keep them alive

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Prune them back hard - to whatever space you have, then put them in greenhouse/tunnel/conservatory and try to keep frost free. I keep mine above 3 degrees mostly! Keep them dry throughout winter and in april start watering/feeding with nitrogen feed, pot into new compost - in bigger pot when you get them out in may, then feed and water like crazy all season - then you get hundreds of flowers!! Lots of hassle - but so worth it! and take lotsa cuttings cos everyone wants one!!

23 Sep, 2007


Please be careful they ARE poisonous.

23 Sep, 2007


Same as Hoya - I take cuttings (never have enough) and then cover mine with a fleece jacket and fill with straw (I do live in Hampshire which is warmer than some). They seem to survive better outside than moving the pot into the shed (possibly because I forgot it was there and didnt give it any water - ho hum!) But good luck they are worth growing for the smell alone.

23 Sep, 2007


Thanks for all your answers :)

24 Sep, 2007


i thort they were anuals , hopeing to get sum this year

13 Feb, 2011

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