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Can you identify, please?


By Ecole

This plant has grown in my Mum's garden, can anyone identify it? It has grown to approx 5 feet.




It is Verbascum thlaspi. It is a biennial and will die once it has finished flowering. It seeds itslef all over the place though, so you will never be without it!

24 Sep, 2007


She is lucky! hope it does seed so she has more next year.

24 Sep, 2007


I think another old name for it was 'MULLIEN' but Owdboggy has given you the correct name for it.Lovely plant but prone to rust sometimes.

26 Sep, 2007


Mullein is aslo very prone to Mullein moth caterpillar damage. We do not bother though the plants look awful for a while, but they recover, regrow and flower just a little later that is all.

28 Sep, 2007

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