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I'm looking for very quick growing climber to cover a bare wall of a house I'm trying to sell. It is very sunny, windy, zone 5, good drainage. I don't care if it has flowers, but the prettier the better and I'm trying to avoid kudzu.



I'd be inclined to use an annual climber, something like Tropaleum peregrinum or Eccremocarpus scaber - these both grow quickly and will flower all summer and can be grown simply from seed. Permanent fast growing climbers usually get too large and go for miles.

1 Apr, 2010


you could grow some hanging baskets untill they grow

1 Apr, 2010


Russian Vine mixed with Virginia Creeper.

Will cover a wall very very quickly, looks nice, autumn colours. Maybe 5 meters (18ft) a year.

Several of the Clematis family also grow quickly and look nice spring to winter.
Montana is ideal.

Another creeper is Akebia quinata , very nice flowers and quick

Depends on height of wall you are covering really. Plenty of simple annuals to get up to 10ft. Sweet Peas, Black Eyed Susan etc.

2 Apr, 2010


Warning re Russian Vine in particular - it is fast growing, does grow 18 feet a year - every year, that is, it just keeps going...

2 Apr, 2010

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