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I love tomatoes and although I grow them every year from seed, I have not had a glut, which I desire. I grow all colours and forms, could you please tell me all your hints and tips thank you, Lemondog.



I too love toms and grew a load in my polytunnel last year just to loose most of them to an attack of caterpillars which I have never seen before I have found this top 10 growing tips that is quite useful.

20 Jan, 2014


Some varieties will obviously produce more than other but a couple of general tips-

Gently tap the stems of the plant and mist them with a spray bottle.

Seems to produce more for me.

Conversely some gardeners do not feed tomatoes believing that though the yield is lower the toms have greater flavour.

Personally I do feed them-both tomorite and home made seaweed/nettle drink.

21 Jan, 2014


Thank you very much for your tips, much appreciated.

22 Jan, 2014

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