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we are soon to dredg our pond. Is it ok to tip the silt on our kitchen garden? We have been told it will be full of mosquito eggs. Any comments would be very much appreciated



The silt will be fine in your kitchen garden and will help to feed the soil. Don't worry about any mosquito eggs. They hatch out into larvae that live in water - if there is no water then they die.
Remember that there will be all sorts of invertebrates living in the pond that could get swept up with the silt removal. If possible, leave the dredging at the side of the pond for a day or two so that they can escape back into it.

31 Jan, 2014


Thank you so much for this answer. We are hoping to dredge in mid February and will certainly do as you advise. Blessings

31 Jan, 2014


Brrr! We don't often clear ours, but when we do, we do it in late autumn whilst the water still has some warmth in it. I send my wife in with bare feet and don't want her to get cold!!!!!

31 Jan, 2014


you are all heart BA :o)

I do mine Feb usually and let critters slink back in.

31 Jan, 2014


Usually by mid to end Feb my pond is heaving with mating frogs! I clean it about every third year,after most of the baby frogs have left which is usually around August. I only know they've left because there are dozens of them leaping around the lawn and flowerbeds, so that I then feel I can't mow the lawn! (Well, that's my excuse!)

1 Feb, 2014


we get frogs in the pond but they have never spawned. If the weather isn't too bad tomorrow I might think about sorting some of the pond plants out.

1 Feb, 2014

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