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Smallish rather muddled garden with no definite plan, where I try to grow things to encourage butterflies and bees plus a few greens and courgettes etc for myself. The nettle corner and heap of logs and pile of old bricks have sprung up spontaneously! I have a small pond with lots of frogs but no fish.
Heavy clay soil but have worked in lots of grit and compost. I would like to have every plant I see and have a weakness for buying things with no idea where I'm going to put them! I like old fashioned cottage gardens and try to achieve the effect although sadly, I lack the old cottage!
Now retired so I'm spending a lot more time out there although the knees complain a bit!

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  • Wallflowers and tulips
  • Rose Compassion and clematis Fascination
  • Poppies
  • Rose Compassion

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