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how to get rid of rats



Contact the pest controller at your local council.

11 Apr, 2010


Or take a garden fork and kill them yourself. The council or pest control only put bait down. Tidy the garden, clear away all rubbish and look around for places where they might be hiding and remove

11 Apr, 2010


Great Bulba & I dealt with a huge rat infestation on our croft in Aberdeenshire over 30 years ago... my advice now - get the pest controller in. Do not (unless you have lots of bottle) try to kill them yourself. It will need two of you if you decide to go this route and not a fork but a heavy shovel or hammer!

Yes clear up any mess that might encourage them but, in our case, they were breeding in a storm drain and as we had live stock we had to deal with.

I could add a total aside around the blasted rate that took up residence in our house... but that is even more freaky!

11 Apr, 2010



11 Apr, 2010

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