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By Maggy7

Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

Hi my Fig hasnt produced any leaves as yet!! do you think this is normal? Im sure it usually has leaves if only a couple at this time of year.



If you mean Ficus carica, and its been outside all winter, especially if in a pot, you may have lost it. Scrape back a bit of the bark near the base with your fingernail - if its green and moist inside, its fine, if dry and brown, it's a goner. Otherwise, bear in mind everything's late this year.

18 Apr, 2010


Thanks, yes it is still green, and it has been outside the last five years so lets hope it comes again, it has only ever had a couple of fruit ripen though I think we are too cold for it in the N.E. although it is sheltered on a S facing fence.

19 Apr, 2010


Well at least you know its still alive, its just taking its time.

19 Apr, 2010

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