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How can you get rid of ivy growing in a narrow space behind our row of garages?



Ivy is awful. I pick it off making sure I get every last leaf!!

21 Apr, 2010


Depends how thick the stems are, and how long it's been there - if its recent and mainly soft leaves and stems, glyphosphate might work with several applications, or Pathclear if the area is otherwise unplanted. Otherwise, you will have to cut the woody stems down, drill or cut into them and apply a brushwood killer, such as SBK.

21 Apr, 2010


when you say narrow space do you mean you cant reach them to cut them down ? if so all i can think of is to cut of all you can reach ie any sticking out .then buy one of them big bags of salt you use for central heating and pour it down the gap and be very generous.then get a big piece of thick black polythene even if you double or triple fold it so light cant get through at all and push it all round the plant so it gets know light.that will kill it .i hope ive helped take care bye for now.

21 Apr, 2010


if you cant reach get a long stick or something.

21 Apr, 2010

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