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By Alextb

London, England Eng

Caterpillars in January?

I was tending to the garden, when something bright green caught my eye on my French Lavender. I looked closer, and saw it was a bright green caterpillar about 2.5 inches long.

A few minutes later I found another bright green caterpillar on my English lavender, this one is about 1 inch long.

It is very cold outside and so I bought them inside with cuttings of the lavenders they were found on.

Isn't it way too early, and any ideas what caterpillars they might be?




They are the caterpillars of the Angle Shade Moth & they munch the leaves & flowers of your plants all the year through. I have found 4 so far, eating the primroses & still have to check for more as still signs of damage. Squash 'em quick, a garden pest!

7 Feb, 2014


the adults are pollinators and as such are valuable in the life cycle of plants. they also provide an excellent food source for the birds.
Personally I'd pick them off and leave them for the birds, rather than squish them.

There are many critters around at this time of year and with it being mild the cold has not driven them into undergrowth/hiding.

7 Feb, 2014


O.K. Thanks. Only saved them yesterday in case they were a nice butterfly.

8 Feb, 2014


Pity us poor caterpillars - only loved if we are pretty...
Actually this is a rather pretty moth, I just looked it up.

8 Feb, 2014


As long as they are not considered a pest as moths, then I have no reason to get rid of them.

They are a pest as caterpillars, but then most moths and butterflies are when they are babies.

I too did a Google Search, and thought they looked nice.

The caterpillars are still in the warm due to the cold weather, and seem to be doing fine.

8 Feb, 2014


Good on yer Alex!

8 Feb, 2014


Everything is welcome in my garden as long as it doesn't munch my plants! In future I'm going to put them on the bird table.

9 Feb, 2014

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