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My leeks have flowered! Remove head?


By Lhomme

Hi my leeks have flowered and died off when would be the best time to remove the head could anyone let me know Thanks.

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Out of interest, why have your leeks flowered? We use ours long before they go to flower, unless you are saving your own seed that is. In that case leave the flower head alone until the flowers have gone ovr and the seed pods begin to split revealing tiny black seeds. Then you can collect the whole head and put it upside down in a paper bag until the seeds fall out.

6 Oct, 2007


If they have flowered already they are virtually in edible I think.

8 Oct, 2007


Bees love leek flowers. It's a great way to attract them to your veg patch, so leave one or two at the end of winter. Last year the bees were still crawling all over the flowers when they were cut and on the compost heap!

9 Nov, 2007

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