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Is this Solenostemon


By Roger

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

I asked a couple of weeks ago if any one could help me identify this plant and Joey came up with a couple of ideas, but i have since been told that it could be an Solenostem can you confirm this as there seems to be very many varieties of this plant.It looks like you were right Joey
Best wishes Roger



It looks like one - you are right, there are lots of colour variations. However, they are all tender and usually treated as annuals. Some people plant them outside for the summer as bedding plants. I've grown them from seed, they germinate easily, and make good pot plants. Apparently you can take cuttings, but i've never tried.

7 Oct, 2007


sorry roger, missed this post - hurrah! I hope I am right and you dont have a tree in your living room next spring! Keep us informed of your progress

15 Oct, 2007


Yes, they used to be called Coleus blumeii. They are quite easy from seed in Spring and you can buy some strange mixtures to try, then just keep the best strains. Cuttings are easy, like Busy Lizzies, put them in a jar of water.

9 Nov, 2007

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