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My new garden is small, challenges big..rabbits, squirrels, thirsty mature maple trees, many, many ants, soil full of mushrooms..any suggestions? I live in Ontario,Canada



If you are able to get 'Reynardin' its good for seeing rabbits off. Tip some on an old piece of rag, and place under shelter, a hut etc. as the rain washes it out of the rag. Repeat every 3 weeks.
Hope your harsh winter will soon be over.

14 Feb, 2014


Good luck with your garden, but how do you define small?

14 Feb, 2014


thanks, Dianebulley, after i read my question, I decided the best solution for all the problems would be to go for some large now I'm looking for some old for the weather, it's the first day of spring, and another snow storm!.....

24 Mar, 2014


Hi, Nannijii...I have recently moved into a lovely trailer park, so my garden consists of 2 raised beds along my scooter ramp, each about 20' by 3', and my back garden has three beds, about 5' by 3' old garden was almost 5 times this size....

24 Mar, 2014

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