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Can squash be grown from seed?

we have just found out how delicious sqush is and i want to grow them in my garden. can they be grown from the seed and how?

On plant Cucurbita pepo



Hi Casper, Easy peasy, just plant seed on edge in all purpose compost in a pot,
plant out in a rich soil manured the previous autumn after all danger of a frost has passed, if in doubt cover with a cloche or goldfish bowl at night!
They need space to ramble and will tolerate shade quite well. Protect from slugs and snails.while young and tender, they are sluglicious. lol

13 Oct, 2007


Success with squash depends on the weather; this year has not been good. There are many kinds, some are summer squash which won't keep beyond Christmas, such as butternuts, and some are winter squash which develop a hard skin when ripened in the sun or the polytunnel or the windowsill and keep till spring. Summer squash have soft skins which don't need peeling, while winter squash are best hacked in pieces, seeds removed, and microwaved or baked in the oven.

30 Oct, 2007


Butternut squashes are really delicious and keep for a few months if you dry them off first. They spend a lot of the summer rambling through your veg patch and then produce fruits a long way from the original planting position!

9 Nov, 2007

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