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Saving Seeds over Winter


By Joey

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

I have embarked on a seed collecting/saving campaign in a bid to take some of my garden with me when I (hopefully) move house.

I have started collecting the seed (see blog) but I am a bit unsure of the best way of saving the seed over the winter. I also have some left over veg seed that I wouldnt mind using next year - is this possible. Many thanks, Joey



Kept dry, dark and cool, most seeds will be ok. You can put them in the salad compartment of the frudge if you want to. There are some though which should be sown as fresh seed, things like alliums for example or Daphne berries or almost every member of the Ranuncula family.

11 Oct, 2007


Many thanks Owdboggy, I might be able to squeeze some in the fridge but otherwise the shed will probably do.

12 Oct, 2007


It is a good idea to store in brown paper bags, not plastic !!

12 Oct, 2007


For information on seed saving see:

12 Oct, 2007


thanks for the tips everyone - the website was great too!

15 Oct, 2007


If you have room to keep some pots (or a willing friend/relative) try dividing off a piece of favourite herbaceous perennials. If you give a piece to a gardening friend you can beg a piece back next year! If you have an allotment you could move some small shrubs to it whilst they are dormant. Failing these ideas, keep an eye out for charity plant sales at town fairs to replenish your collection cheaply once you are settled in your new home.

9 Nov, 2007


I have saved seeds in small freezer bags & written on the bag what they were ... and the date/colour etc. ( or number them and have a "seed file" on your computer! ) Hang then in your boiler house where it is warm & dark. CJ

23 Jul, 2008


P.S. Put a few small holes in the bottom of NONE PLASTIC egg box's and use them to start plants off.
Go to work on an egg .........

23 Jul, 2008

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