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I have a question which I am hoping someone will be able to help me with PLEASE! My daughter is getting married on Saturday and I have been keeping my fingers crossed that the Lily of the valley I have in my garden will be just right to put posies of on the tables at the reception. I only have a few which are opening up nicely. A friend who has lots in her garden kindly told me to take all of them if i wish. Problem is hers are still green. I don't enjoy cut flowers in the home prefering to see them in situ in the garden, so I am wondering if we were to pick the flowers and bring them indoors will they open? I hope this dosn't sound too silly a question. Thanks for reading Sue x



they will certainly come on indoors, wether they are far enough on is a different matter.

hope it works for you. and hope the big day goes well.

5 May, 2010


It is worth a try, Sue. Cut them and bring them into a warm, bright space and cross your fingers. If you are going to do this, do it NOW, asap. In your situation I would have picked them last weekend.

5 May, 2010


they may well come on enough indoors for you. worth a try.

hope the day goes well for all of you :o)

5 May, 2010


try some lemonade in the water and stand them on a sunny windowsill-- even if you have to move them from room to room--- fingers crossed for you---

5 May, 2010


Thankyou so much all you kind people. So sorry I have only just found your replies. Well I had enough Lillies for one small posy and the promised ones from a friends garden are still waiting to fully open LOL I was a little upset about my first idea but settled on a trip to Asda to collect a few bunches of blooms which my girls helped to break up and make some beautiful posies for the wedding reception tables.
The wedding day was great and we were blessed with a fine if cold day. Again Sbg, bulb and Pam many thanks for all your suggestions. Love Sue xxx

1 Jun, 2010


I'm sure that it all looked beautiful and how the weather has been recently very lucky, its nice to know that all went well

1 Jun, 2010


Yes Pam I was very proud of all my family. I now have 2 of my daughters married only one to go lol They are all in their 4o's so none have rushed into anything lol The one who has just married is the mother of my 2 wonderful grandchildren.

2 Jun, 2010

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