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1. You can use metaldehyde slug pellets, which kill or disable them. They are then eaten by birds like thrushes and blackbirds which are poisoned in turn, so NOT a good idea.
2. You can go out with a torch at night and pick them off the vegetables and put them in salt water.
3. You can put out slug traps such as upturned half orange skins and beer traps, but the latter will drown predatory beetles which kill some slugs.
4. You can surround the most precious plants with copper tape.
5. You can use oyster shell or egg shell as a barrier the slugs don't like to cross.
6. You can protect each threatened plant with a barrier such as a yoghurt pot with the bottom cut out through which you pass the stem.
7. You can spray the soil with the very expensive 'nematode' solution which takes time to work and is not a complete solution.
you can learn to live with them and just do your best to protect as many plants as possible by the above methods. Garden organically and encourage as many predators as possible Grow SACRIFICE plants like lettuce to attract the slugs away from the plants you really want to protect.
After gardening for 40 years, there is NO easy solution, I'm afraid.

5 May, 2010


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5 May, 2010

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