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This time last year I bought a tree paeony which was very small and cost pennies. I have recently put it in the border and it has grown to about 18 inches with two healthy looking leaves. Does anyone have any idea if it might flower this year or does it have to reach a certain size? Thank you in anticipation.



I think that it will be a year or two yet, Cammomile. I am looking out of the window at a yellow tree paeony that we were given as a small plant. It has been in the ground for about three years now, is about waist high and is showing its first flower bud.

5 May, 2010


Yes, this is why flowering tree paeonies are so pricey. They have taken up someone's nursey space for a few years and someone has to pay!! You either spend time or money...

5 May, 2010


planted mine three years ago six inches high is now appro 18 inches with two buds on this year patience is a virtue!!

5 May, 2010


Thank you everyone, I look forward to seeing what colour it will turn out.

5 May, 2010

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