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Oxalis valdiviensis 'Lucky Gold' - Shamrock anybody ever grown these



ya know id like to see the answer to this myself .i have an irish friend and i live in thetford as he does .he told me the only place you can grow shamrock of the lucky kind is irland . he doesnt know why but though england at the same level on the equater is efectivly the same you cant grow it in england . now i think this is some form of old wives tail that is true . being the skeptick excuse my spelling i am i dont believe it for one second.

5 May, 2010


Hi Noseypotter they is about 50 young seedlings in my greenhouse so maybe it’s an old wives tale but strangely the seeds were purchased from Ireland

6 May, 2010


hmmmmm very strange i would say its an old wives tail but the plot thickens it seams lol steveg

6 May, 2010

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