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I have a load of different pots with various Tulips, Crocus and Iris's which have now seen their flowers die and fall off. I am left with lots of healthy-looking stems but want to plant other plants in the pots now for summer.

All the plants that I've mentioned were bought from the GC and were already grown and so were not planted as deep as if planting the original bulbs.

Am I able to cut the stems back and remove the bulbs to dry off for next year? They don't seem deep enough to plant on top of them.




I'd pop them into spare plastic pots and then re plant to the correct depth later. feed the plant foliage so they strentghen up the bulb for nexseason.

5 May, 2010


Do I leave the foliage ointact then and just plant as they are but in spare pots - is that what you're saying SBG?

5 May, 2010


Yes leave foliage intact, it helps to feed to bulb for next year. Water with half strength liquid tomato food until leaves die back completely.

6 May, 2010


Thanks MG.

So how often would I water/feed the bulbs over the coming months until they dies away?

6 May, 2010


Sorry should have said - once a week

6 May, 2010


Thanks MG. Been to get some cheap plastic troughs to plant them all in then when died back, I will remove and dry out in potting shd.

Many thanks agaion to you both.

6 May, 2010


You are welcome Oddbillie

6 May, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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