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Self watering wall planter


By Stu

Cleveland, United Kingdom

Some years ago I bought a couple of half round wall planters. The top part of the planter holds the compost, which sits on a rigid piece of plastic with a piece of capillary matting on it. A tounge of this matting goes down into the bottom quarter of the planter which is a water reservoir keeping the compost moist. This is a great idea which cuts down on watering.

I would like one or two more of these but when I asked in my local garden centre they looked at me blank . . . . they had never seen or heard of them!

My question is - does anyone know where I can buy more of these planters?



I guess nobody on "growsonYou" has heard of them either ! !

18 Oct, 2007


Hi stu. I guess not. I have had a look on searching for "self watering" - which returned a few hanging baskets with something similar to what you described but I don't think it is what you are looking for.

18 Oct, 2007

Just read this question of yours, typed in "self watering wall baskets on the top address bar and lots of sites came up. This is the first one - not looked at the others yet. Hope this helps you. Pesonally, I use that water retaining dust/grain stuff which is marvelous, I find.

29 Sep, 2008


hi ive had the same problem as shops dont seem to stock them,i had selfwatering wall baskets for about 15 years and have found it very hard to replace them.podington online garden centre stocks them look for corinthian baskets,i think they are made by stewarts. hope this helps.

16 Apr, 2009

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