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Can you help identifying several pictures of plants and leaves I have on my profile? We are student teachers preparing a lesson and would greatly appreciate your help. Many thanks



hi i have just looked at your pictures and i am fairly certain that the varigated cream/green leaf one is a euonymus - proberly euonymus japonicus 'Ovatus Aureus'. the one with the purple flowers looks like a hebe although i would'nt like to say what variety as there are so many that are very simular, you also have another one that looks like a hebe - quite thick leaves - quite waxy to the touch, snap in half if you bend them? if so could be a non flowering variety. but could'nt really tell what the others are as the pictures are a bit blurred. hope i've been useful! regards angie.

18 Oct, 2007


Why don't you try taking the cuttings to a local nursery/garden centre? I'm sure they would be able to help identify them for you.
What is the lesson on?

20 Oct, 2007

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