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Hi all, new boy here. I am (just) getting into gardening in a BIG way, and I am a bit of a gadget man - I do like nice things. I have a superb ride on Lawn Mower, it really is a great boys toy. But, I'm wondering about where to store the thing!! (I should have really thought about it more!!) Currently it's in the garage and the car is outside, but that is not ideal!! I have been looking at at one of their LPCB approved metal sheds. (I’m actually looking at their motorbike storage unit as it looks a good size) and has air vents in it. Has anybody out there ever bought one of their products?? All the reviews look good, but an independent opinion would be great!! Sorry, I know it's not a strictly plant related question - but they will follow!!





Your question will do!! lol. Welcome to GOY. Gardening and this site is very addictive. Hope you know what your letting yourself in for ha ha. I would buy the metal container. was thinking of buying one for my garden. before it gets too crowed!! What are you thinking of growing??

13 May, 2010


i got my metal shed from argos and it does realy well

13 May, 2010


welcome to goy

13 May, 2010


Hiya - I took a trip to the local garden centre and I can get a big shed for about £500, but they seem a bit wobbly and only have a padlock type lock - I am on my way to have look at one of these Asgard sheds before I commit - I really hate spending money on this kind of thing - they do have online offers every now and then, so I may hang on a while :O)

What am I thinking of growing? anything and everything, I'll get some pictures posted later this week, I am very lucky as I have an old house on the side of a hill, which used to be a quarry with an old garden with roses some 60 years old and poppies that have been growing wild since the dawn of time, all over the drive way!! and so many blue bells it is amazing. 1st thing to do is the big tidy up (hence the big mower and the big mower shed!)

I will post again soon with pics and my shed review :O)

17 May, 2010


your right you can spend good money on some real cheap rubbish its the same as everything realy.feal the width lol .

17 May, 2010

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