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mid glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone got their runner beans in the ground yet as ive put mine in today, they are a few inches high as I started them off inside. Will they be ok as its still a bit chilly out there....I live in the south of the country.



I put mine out on Sunday and they have been nipped by the frost. so i would suggest you leave them for another week or so. pop them outside during the day and pop them back in on an evening. this will toughen them up ready for going out at the end of May.

13 May, 2010


Oh dear ive put them in today.....ive covered them up...oh well touch wood!

13 May, 2010


We only started our off this week... much to early to be outdoors in our neck of the woods. Will go out in June.

13 May, 2010


I planted some outside last week, they very quickly looked sickly and depressed, so today I potted up some more seeds inside - however, today the weather has been fairly warm and sunny and the original plants have bucked up no end! So will have lots of extra plants to give to friends whether they want them or not!

13 May, 2010


I'm with Moongrower here....I sowed my seed a couple of days ago.....there is plenty of time....especially in the North!!

13 May, 2010


We sowed our in pots today. Much too early for us to think of planting out, especialy this year.

13 May, 2010

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