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I planted some crocosmia corms in late March. Does anyone have any pics of what the emerging seedlings look like? I have 2 suspects, 1 has 2 slender primary leaves and a true leaf that looks a bit like the same on a coriander or parsley plant. The other just has 2 broad leaves, slightly thicker and darker green. Also, do they just sprout directly where they were planted and how many seedlings should I expect per corm? Many thanks to anyone who can help this novice.

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Mine a very very slender pointed mid green leaves, the ones I thinned out and moved last year are about 3" high. I f you look at Spritz Pics you will see the leaf on there.

17 May, 2010


They are like slender daggers coming up out of the soil. Depends how deep they might have been planted. They send up one shoot from each corm to start with. I moved mine at the end of March to do battle with a thug plant. They have been showing about a week now. I planted mine shallow. They are very uneven coming up. You can sort them out every year or leave them a while as I did. Sorry drc you were posting as I was typing!!!!!!

17 May, 2010


Yes slender daggers is a good description when they first appear Dorjac.

17 May, 2010

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