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Shade loving climber required...


By Mags

United Kingdom

My children's school is going to have a garden shed for storage of toys etc in a dark, shady corner under a covered area. A teacher has asked me if there are any suitable plants (I assume she means climbers) which can be grown in pots around it with a view to disguising it. My only thought was Ivy. The conditions arn't brilliant ie very shaded and dry, but on the upside, tucked away in a draught free corner. Suggestions anyone?



Try Hydrangea Petiolaris,

9 Jul, 2008


Keep away from ivy thats my suggestion - it a devil to get rid of once it gets hold -

try - Abutilon megapotamicum

Clematis - Large Flowered Trio

Clematis Jan Fopma



To name but a few - but not IVY

9 Jul, 2008


Just bought a climbing fern! Didn't know about them. Apparently they're hardy, evergreen, grow 1 - 1.5m. Need a trellis to cling to & they'd need to be watered. Just going out the back door in the rain to see the label..........Lygodium Japonicum. Gonna google it now to find out more myself!
Ha ha, invasive in Florida - what have I bought? Should be ok in England in a pot I reckon

9 Jul, 2008


virginia creeper grows in shade and its very beautifull (i think). It also doesnt need a trellis just clings on itself. My little boy has enjoyed growing peas up a wall this year but i guess it depends how shaded this area is.

9 Jul, 2008


Mags, some excellent suggestions above. Ask the school if they want a self climbing plant which will mark the surface of the shed and cannot be removed easily or a climbing plant that requires support. If the shed will require maintenance in future this will be relevant.

11 Jul, 2008

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