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Advice on sedum or other cushion-effect plants


By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

I have an old, beautiful but very uncomfortable, wooden swivel chair that I want to put outside with a "cushion" of sedum or other low growing plant on the seat.

I plan to buy a 40cm dish to plant up but I know nothing about sedums and have no idea how many plants to buy so that it forms a cushion quickly. And also which particular sedums stay low please?

Also not sure whether to buy just one sort or to mix them for a patterned cushion effect.....

Or any other ideas to achieve the same effect? The chair stands against a white wall and receives full sun from about midday - and it can get very hot here in the Czech Republic!



Hi Cestina - try a google search on sedums for a green roof. They will all stay low and you could combine 2 or 3

23 May, 2010


I would suggest Sedum spathifolium, Cestina. It is low growing, comes with whiteish foliage (Capo Blanco) or purple (purpurea). It grows rapidly, requires no maintenance and in summer has yellow flowers. This spring the leaves of our purpureum were a brilliant red, I think that this was due to the cold winter weather that it endured. I don't know if this applies to you or not.
For a 40cm dish I would buy just one plant, plant it in poor, gritty compost and then dress around it with a contrastingly coloured grit. I will not take long for the sedum to fill the dish and trail over the edge. If any bits fall off, just push them into some soil and they will grow into new plants.
Obviously, make sure that the dish has drainage holes.

23 May, 2010


That's very helpful Bulbaholic - but I'd rather not have yellow of planting in that area is reds and white. Anything else you could suggest?

23 May, 2010


Try Rhodiola trollii then, it is a Sedum with white flowers. Or Sedum album, again white flowered. Or S, pachyclados All of these are low growing and you need only one plant as they soon can be spread out. Have to say that I hope you do not intend sitting on this cushion,Sedums will not stand for that.

23 May, 2010


Many thanks - no, no, no intention of sitting on it. Just for fun. I did think of a cactus but since I hate all prickly plants I then rejected the idea at once....:-)

23 May, 2010


No intention of sitting on it - just for fun :-) I did think of a cactus but since I hate all prickly plants I soon rejected that idea.

Many thanks - have googled all those Owdboggy and now it's just a question of which ones I can find here.

Am relieved to hear that one plant is enough - glad I asked, I would probably have bought several.

23 May, 2010


Oops sorry didn't mean to post that twice....

23 May, 2010

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