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Identifying pests


By Ukslim

Warwickshire, United Kingdom

There are tiny beasties in my conservatory. They don't seem to be harming the plants badly, but whenever I spend time in there I get itchy.

Rather than try and describe the flys/aphids/mites, here's a wider question: what online resources are there for identifying pests?



Hi, Ive just joined the site, I find this site useful as it lists pests in alphabetical order or you can pick pests that effect specific plants. hope that helps.

8 May, 2007


Thanks -- looks good, although my particular plant isn't there. Maybe this is my excuse to buy a microscope from Argos and start comparing beasts with photos!

8 May, 2007


Look up the RHS - they have lots of info sheets.

8 May, 2007


Hi ukslim,
Has your infected plant got what looks like a fine spider's web on it? If it has, get it away from all the other plants asap 'cos it could be red spider mite!
Usually find a good spray with a proprietry bug killer works if you hit it early enough

8 May, 2007


There are fine spiders' webs all over the placeand I do suspect red spider mites.

On the other hand, I like to encourage spiders (we live by the water, and the spiders discourage flies!) so the webs might be because of that.

Current strategy is: identify spider mites for certain, reduce numbers with a wash down, then introduce a predatory mite to control the population.

Life eh? Amazing.

8 May, 2007

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