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Plant id please


By Simbad

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

Sorry this is a bit of a long shot as the picture was taken on my ipod, I've seen this plant a couple of times recently in York Museum Gardens and Hodsock Priory and would love to know what it is as I would quite like to grow it in our little wood, it looks like its a shade lover as both times it was growing under trees and it looks like a bit of a spreader, reminded me a bit of a pulmonaria but with cream more dangly flowers.

Groundcover_york Groundcover



One of the Lamiums? White dead nettle

20 Mar, 2014


Its a pretty rubbish picture Owdboggy sorry, pretty sure it wasn't a dead nettle the leaves weren't serrated and much thicker and glossier if that makes sense.

20 Mar, 2014


It could be a Pulmonaria, there are pure white ones. As you say, hard to tell from the image.

20 Mar, 2014


Well would you believe it I was just looking at some pictures on here and saw a plant that resembled the one I'm looking for just different colour flowers, after googling think I've found it!! a ground cover version of comfrey Symphytum Grandiflorum, thought the flowers looked familiar which of course they would we have the blue flowered one all over the allotments, embarassing lol, still looks like it would be a good plant for the wood so I will be looking for some lots of room to fill :-)

20 Mar, 2014


Dwarf Comfrey, S. Ibiricum, creeping with shorter broader leaves, creamy flowers, buds tipped brick red. Early, sometimes winter flowering. Seen growing on banks in shady lanes. A garden escape. Saw a lot of this when out walking last Sunday, in full flower & very pretty. I tried to pull up a bit once, but don't know what became of it! Will have to try again.

20 Mar, 2014


Bit too invasive for me. We have a dwarf Comfrey with white/yellow flowers which is an absolute nuisance.

20 Mar, 2014


I have the one that is white with pink tips to the flowers. If you want some simbad I'll happily dig you some up. send me a pm with your address and I sort you some.
I have it listed in my plant /garden profile.

20 Mar, 2014


That must be the one then Feverfew as it was flowering at Hodsock in February.
Oooo thankyou Sbg I'll have a look and pm you :-)

22 Mar, 2014

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