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Showing plants at the village show. Anyone partake ? My gardening club has its spring show this weekend and i was going to enter some flowers....mainly Daffodils.

I have many many different species and i have to add 3 stems of each. Now i appreciate they have to be as near identical to each other as can be, same length stems etc but what about presentation ?

Should i tie the stems together with natural raffia ?

Any other tips ? The show's saturday but we can set up friday eve. Im thinking of entering some superb Euphorbia wulfenii i have along with some Anemone De Caen flowers as they all look superb.

Any tips and hints ?

Many thanks



Hi Badfish, check with the show secretary how the like the flowers to be presented. If this is a cut flower show then containers are usually provided so all the flowers are displayed in the same shape of container. When Bulba and I exhibited at the local daffodil show we would take along sphagnum moss and shredded paper to put into the containers to support the blooms. The judges at this particular show expected to see the three blooms in a triangle with one bloom at the top and the other two each side at the same height and all three facing forwards. Then I was a pretty dab hand at this, now… I doubt I could do with the arthritis in my hands.

Just remember the show is meant to be a fun day out and don't get bent out of shape if your blooms don't win anything!

2 Apr, 2014


Thanks MG, very interesting. Of course it's a bit of fun...ive never put anything in a show in my life !!!!

2 Apr, 2014


Have you visited your village show in past years, Badfish? If you have you will have an idea of how 'your village' displays it exhibits; if not then, as Mg suggests, phone the show secretary, explain that you are a first-timer and ask for some assistance. And, enjoy.

2 Apr, 2014


No never, haha !!!! I'll just put a few daffs, tulips and other bits in and learn from my mistakes. Should be fun !!!

Of course, what i'd love to do is get some bits from Tesco and then start unwrapping all the packaging in front of all the other exhibitors and just smiling at that would be fun

2 Apr, 2014


The shoe sec would tae a very unkindly view to your idea Badfish… and being as Bulba and I are show secs' we know just how stressful this role is so 'don't' wind your show sec up - especially if you are looking for help!

2 Apr, 2014


Bloody hell moon grower, don't throw your dummy out of the pram, i was joking and having a laugh. Lighten up a bit.

2 Apr, 2014


I don't think MG threw her dummy out Badfish. she and BA have offered you some good advice.
The 'Now that should be fun' could have had 'only joking' afterwards then I'd have know you were having a laugh.
And I don't need to lighten up :o)

3 Apr, 2014

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