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I want to cover an area 12ft x 12ft with turf do you know how much turf I will need



16 sq. meters.

3 Apr, 2014


16 sq yards, surely?

Or 13.25 sq. metres.

3 Apr, 2014


... Or 144 sq. feet, or 0.00330579 of an acre, or 0.03305771900839671 sq chains.

3 Apr, 2014


Rolls of turf are typically about 2ft wide x 4ft long, so that's 18 rolls to cover 12x12 plus a couple spare (for the odd bits) = 20 rolls. But check the size of the rolls with the supplier.

Wickes are selling 20 sq.m at £5.99/sq.m. If you can share 40sq.m with a neighbour the price drops to £3.99.

(Sorry Myron but technically there's no such thing as a sq. chain it's 1/10th of an acre)

3 Apr, 2014


Well Urbanite, I beg to differ but I have a square chain. I use it to chain my bike up ;o)

3 Apr, 2014


I would like to see the turf suppliers face when you ask him for 0.00330579 of an acre of turf... pity April 1st has gone.

4 Apr, 2014

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