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By Jenfren

Herefordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know if I can be made to remove brambles growing on my field edge, if they are growing into adjacent gardens We are reluctant to remove them as they keep horses away from the fence line. I can appreciate they might not want them but feel they can cut them back on their side.We all I am sure get things coming through from other properties but can we insist they are removed



Hi, I wouldn't have thought so, if they're on your land you can grow whatever you like, as long as it's legal, as you rightly say, they can cut whatever comes over onto their side, just remember to tell them that after they've cut it, you are not bothered about keeping the cut bits, and leave them to get rid of them, Derek.

11 Apr, 2014


That's a good point, Derek. When my sister's neighbours cut anything that dares to overhang their property, they throw it into her garden. I don't think they should do that, should they?

11 Apr, 2014


Yes you are legally obliged to return any cut bits back onto the property of the person you cut it from.

11 Apr, 2014


I know that you are obliged to offer them anything you have cut, but I don't think that means throwing branches onto their flower beds!

12 Apr, 2014


if they are doing that to you then just throw the branches back in their garden (lol joking):i think your sister might have to becarefull and cut the plants herself to stop it reaching the wall or train the growth to grow away from the top or;just talk to them and say that you dont want any one throwing stuff in your garden or you will call the police... thats what you say and they will stop :)

12 Apr, 2014


I think the problem has fallen off (no pun intended!) recently. There are a large number of trees on both sides of the boundary, so their actions were rather odd.

12 Apr, 2014


Wildlife, Threatening with the police achieves nothing except worsening relations with the neighbour. They are obeying the law when they throw the prunings back, although it is not nice to be on the receiving end as I know to my cost.

Melchi, If your sister trims the trees herself before the problem becomes annoying this might solve the difficulty.

Jenfren, nobody can make you remove the brambles but it is very annoying when they do overhang as they tip root as well as seeding and it can be a constant battle to keep them out. Is there any way you could trim them annually to prevent it happening?

13 Apr, 2014


It's a sort of wood, Stera, with trees on both sides. "Prunings" hardly covers it! The problem seems to have abated now. Asking first would have helped, I think. In any case, she had all hers trimmed by a tree surgeon, and isn't worried about theirs. Some of them have tree preservation orders, so none of those can be touched.

You might be interested in this link, regarding what to do with the cuttings.

14 Apr, 2014


Thanks Melchi - sent you a PM

15 Apr, 2014

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