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By Halcyon

Hampshire, United Kingdom

I think I might have overpruned our very large and old Wysteria. We started work on replacing a gate and supporting structure for the Wysteria; I hacked back the climber in February to reduce the weight to make the work easier. Part of the plant is growing up a South facing wall and that seems to be okay, only minor pruning, but most of the plant is hanging on the supporting structure and it is this that I cut back very severly to the old wood. There does not seem to be any new green shoots at the moment. Do you think I might have killed this area. Ron Viveash



I doubt if you've killed it, but you will probably see no flowers this year.

15 Apr, 2014


Agree with Lutleyyeltz - one here was cut down to a thick trunk about 2 feet high and wide winter before last, having originally been 30 x 30 feet. It regrew last summer and had to be cut again, just not so much this time. Might just be a bit late because it was cut in February, but cutting doesn't kill these.

16 Apr, 2014

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