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By Crv1963

County Durham, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone identify the plant in these pictures please? It is about 6-8" tall and spreads like wildfire through the borders, it also is prolific in our woodland slope! Is it a weed?

S73f5016 S73f5013



celandines......a wild flower you see everywhere.....can spread like wild fire in a garden.....keep it under control is my advice.

25 Apr, 2014


Thankyou Johnp58

25 Apr, 2014


Its Lesser celandine and has a relatively short flowering period and by the end of May it will all be underground again. It is a native plant of woodland and hedgerows but will survive anywhere really.
If you want to get rid of it then spray with Glyphosphate. If you try to dig it out you have to remove all the small [apple pip size] corms. I find the weedkiller option the bestone.

25 Apr, 2014


Thanks for the advice flag.

25 Apr, 2014


Also be aware they shoot their seeds some distance from the plant, so once you have them it helps to glyphosate the young ones when they first appear in the early spring, before they flower.

25 Apr, 2014

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