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I just bought a climbing hydrangea.....Is it ok to plant in a large container???....



Yes I should think so, although I bought one a little while ago (a couple of weeks) and planted it near a fence,. They hace suckers that help it to cling to the fence. So you may need a bit of trellis

1 Jun, 2010


...and they can take 3 years to really get going!!

1 Jun, 2010


Thanks guys! - This one is labelled 'vigorous'.....

1 Jun, 2010


I planted one in a pot at my previous house...and it spread quite quickly. I planted two in the soil here last year...both are has spread more than the other but they have about 9 flowers each. I wouldn't hesitiate to plant in a pot again though.

1 Jun, 2010


I'm glad you said that Volunteer because I have been peering sadly at the one I planted towards the end of last year. It looks healthy enough but doesn't seem to be growing much.....

1 Jun, 2010

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