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Droopy Alliums?
I have noticed that some of the heads of my Alliums (hollandicum Purple Sensation) are rather droopy. Not all though - my first thought was perhaps slugs/snails munching at the base of the stem but can't find any signs. It continues to be very dry here and am rather hesitant about watering them too much. I watered them on Sunday evening but they did not pick up.
Any ideas?



If it is as dry with you as it has been with us you may need to water again.

6 May, 2014


Incredibly dry MG, I'm almost too afraid to say it. Last time was in Spring 2012 and as soon as I wished for rain it didn't stop til August!
I'll give them another water and see how they go. I may have been over cautious and not wanting them too rot! Thanks.

6 May, 2014

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