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Wot should I feed and when buxom box trees



No need to feed if they are in the ground.

23 May, 2014


I normally through some bonemeal mix around Buxus balls in early spring and then about now. Perks them up after winter. I do sometimes use a Seaweed feed if I have some spare in a can both does spur on growth.

23 May, 2014


Don 't you find they go mad and grow too much if you feed them Botanic? Mine seem to grow quite fast enough without any encouragement!

23 May, 2014


Most of mine are a hedge by the driveway Steragram and somewhat exposed, so can get bronzed during winter. I also need them to thicken up. This year, yes, they have went made with growth.

The topiary ones in pots certainly get fed and watered regularly.

23 May, 2014


Are Buxom trees top feeders? ;o)

23 May, 2014



24 May, 2014

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