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Bright annuals. I am looking for some quick fix annuals that I can pop into a stone planter (which already got some small ivy plants) but situated under a tree so doesn't get much sun or rain. Any ideas? Would geraniums do well in shade? Many thanks.




Marigolds, they glow even in the rain

25 May, 2014


Bedding begonias don't mind shade, or fuchsia.

25 May, 2014


Agree with all above..upright Fuchsia or Marigolds will give you height,or if you aren't bothered,B.Begonias or B.lizzies..

25 May, 2014


Nothing deters bedding begonias. Worth their weight in little apples as my Dad used to say. Agree fuchsias would look great too but will need more watering.

25 May, 2014


Think I have settled on fuchsia's!! They are one of of my favourite plants. Thanks for your suggestions.

25 May, 2014

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