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Summerhouse. After taking down a number of very tall conifers in my garden, I found myself wishing for a summerhouse as there is nowhere in my garden I can sit and admire the garden. I know exactly what I want which is an octagonal summerhouse with a pitched roof, they don't come cheap but willing to save up. At the top left hand side of the garden a perfect site became exposed after taking a very large conifer down. In the meantime I have had to restrain myself with replanting the area otherwise you and I both know the summerhouse will never materialise! Has anyone had experience with buying, putting together and preparing the soil for a summer house? Any helpful tips would be appreciated.




I don't ever think wood too soil is a very good idea as rot will set in one day or another . you could mark out the floor space of your summerhouse and get some hard standing down to put it on . it can be concrete, slabs on concrete infact any number of ideas and it will stop you being able too plant in it . you could even build it above ground a bit more with shuttering and put a plastic membrane in it so you can still have a wooden floor if you wanted . a log cabin type idea wood be cool for the building . its just a good roof you need realy .

30 May, 2014



30 May, 2014


Thanks for your suggestions. Yes agree that ground will have to be prepared and a hard base will have to be laid. Having it slightly raised does apeal to me so will have a think. Keeping my eye on a place nearby that sell ex-display summerhouses for when the next sale comes along! No flat roofs-pitched ones only!

3 Jun, 2014


sounds like a plan .

3 Jun, 2014

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