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By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all i have a miniature willow tree and i have this large stem growing out of it.Is it bad and needs cutting or is it harmless?Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks mark

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Remove it asap where it arises on that trunk - the growth below the graft at the top of the standard stem is a different form and certainly not one you want. Odd that this has happened, it doesn't usually, unless the top part's been pruned too hard or isn't doing well.

23 Jun, 2014


Bamboo is always right! Your willow appears to have a weeping habit, so always cut off any stems that grow straight up . .

23 Jun, 2014


If that is a Kilmarnock willow it won't stay small… it may not grow much taller but it will spread out sideways. Our started at around a metre and is nearer two metres in height now and a good metre in width.

23 Jun, 2014


Sheilabub!! I'm not always right, that's for sure - but I am in this instance;-))

24 Jun, 2014


Yes indeedy :))

24 Jun, 2014


Hi all thankyou for the advice i have now chopped it and will keep a eye out for any more.Thankyou all again mark:))))

25 Jun, 2014

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