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Keeping birds off!

West Somerset, England

I have a beautiful perennial fragrant viola in a pot. It was flowering when I got it,(see' before' picture!) but the birds keep pecking the petals off. What do other people do to protect flowers? Sticks and black thread look so ugly - is there another way please?

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hi you could try sticking a mini windmill in the pot, proberly also not hugely attractive, but might look better than sticks and thread you can get some that are quite sweet rather than gordy. my friend used to live on the top floor of a block of flats she had several nice pots on her balcony and had the same problem with birds and she used to stick windmills in everything - aparently they scar them off!

31 Oct, 2007


I could certainly try it - we're going shopping tomorrow so I'll look out for one! Thanks.

31 Oct, 2007


your welcome - let us know if it works! regards angie

1 Nov, 2007

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