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By Waddy

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

It's me again. While clearing the 'veggie' plot for my neighbour I've come across a very 'wild' current bush, not sure if it's red or black. It's in need of cutting back, but I'm not sure if I do it now whether I'll kill it. Any advice folks?



I'd wait until autumn and give it a severe pruning then.

27 Jun, 2014


Mmm, that's what I thought Moongrowe, but it's so bad lots of it is laid on the ground.

27 Jun, 2014


Prune lightly now then and give a proper pruning in autumn.

27 Jun, 2014



27 Jun, 2014


Normally you prune red currants in autumn and black immediately after fruit is gathered as they fruit on last years wood, whereas the red fruit on old wood. So I wouldn't cut off any more than the minimum you need to until you know.
Black currants tend to have darker smoother branches and red ones have more greyish if that helps.

27 Jun, 2014


Thanks Steragram, I'll now take a closer look. That's a big help :)

28 Jun, 2014


Cheers Waddy - good luck.

29 Jun, 2014

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