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By Waddy

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What is it?
My friend has been given this plant and she asked me what it was, unfortunately I couldn't help.




Could it be Ligularia przewalskii? Looks like this in my RHS encyclopedia.

4 Jul, 2014


A what lol! Blimey, does it have a common name?

4 Jul, 2014


Sorry, just found that a bit of a mouthful! I believe you're right ST, I've just Googled it. The common name appears to be 'Dragons Wings'

4 Jul, 2014


That's it. Ive just been offered one and am hesitating whether it will survive as I think its a bog lover so advise your friend to keep it moist if poss. . Dragons wings is a great name!

4 Jul, 2014


Here is some info. on the plant Waddy:
common name Przewalski's golden ray

Genus Ligularia are robust herbaceous perennials, with large, often attractively lobed leaves and yellow or orange, daisy-like flower-heads in terminal racemes or branching clusters

FamilyAsteraceae / Asteraceae

SpeciesL. przewalskii is a vigorous perennial to 2m in height, with erect black stems bearing large leaves palmately cut into jagged lobes, and slender racemes with of small yellow flower-heads in late summer.
Likes a sunny South or West facing position. Ultimate ht. in 2-5 yrs is 1.5-2.5 metres.

4 Jul, 2014


They like very wet, boggy ground and the slugs and snails love em so be careful

5 Jul, 2014


I think the one my friend has is the latter one SpeciesL I'm not sure I'd want this myself, but hey it takes all sorts :) Thanks for the info.

5 Jul, 2014

How do I say thanks?

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