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Crocosmia. My crocosmia in front garden borders were taking over so I took lots of the bulbs/corms out and now it has grown back suffocating everything in its path without producing any flowers. I am inclined to dig it up as it has been there a long time although it is at the back of the border it has flattened reaching the grass and creating damp/moss patches. Any suggestions?




It's not time for them to flower yet Amsterdam but when they have flowered dig the lot up and then cut the individual bulbs down to about 6" long and then plant about 10 or a dozen in a clump form about 3" apart and then they will flower better next year , Roy.

6 Jul, 2014


I have just noticed the flowers forming in mine this weekend. so don't be too impatient yet.

6 Jul, 2014


It looks like the old variety we used to call montbretia. If its that I'd bin the lot and grow a more modern variety as they are greatly improved on the old ones and so far i haven't found them as thuggish. If you want a few corms of Severn Sunrise or Lucifer send me a PM in the autumn.
(They are both a lot taller than the one you have but much nicer)

6 Jul, 2014


Steragram. These were already in my garden when we moved in nearly 10 years ago so I think you're probably right about it being an old variety. Will see if they flower but may dig the lot out! Had three lots in my front border and have dug one out so left with two simar sized areas where I am keen to get some different plants in! Wonder how long it will take for me to crack! Lol

6 Jul, 2014

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