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Wasps nest. I discovered a small wasps nest in one of my bird boxes tucked away at the back of my garden today. I don't mind wasps and we haven't really noticed them in the garden. My question is do they compete with bees for food in the garden and are they happy to co-habit together? I am trying to make my garden bee friendly but haven't seen many bees or butterflies so far this year. I do understand wasps can also be beneficial in your garden so hope bees and wasps can both reap the benefits from my garden! Any thoughts would be appreciated.



contrary o popular belief they are useful predators eating all sorts of critters that damage our plants. the protein is used to feed the developing grubs. late in the season they need a sugar hit and then they have a reputation for eating soft fruit and then that annoys us.

they don't compete with the bees is the short answer to your question.

10 Jul, 2014


So far this year I have not seen one wasp, not one cabbage butterfly, and only one bee.There are many others that are missing the roll call too but for the sake of brevity won't mention. I remember a time- yes, now it's boiling down to remembering- when hoards of wasps of all types would dip into my ponds for water and bees would practically swarm on my hummingbird feeders. There seems to be more nocturnal insect pollinator activity though as compaired to the daytime, there always has been, but the disparity now is very alarming.

11 Jul, 2014


I haven't bothered telling my family there's a wasps nest in the back of the garden as they would start flapping and telling me that they are dangerous and to get rid of nest. I only just discovered it by chance and as the lack of insect life this year has been so reduced I want to give them a chance and as seaburngirl said they are a good form of pest control. So they are staying!!!!

11 Jul, 2014


I had exactly the same thing... A nest in my bird box by my shed. I only discovered them, or I should say they discovered me when I went to the shed, disturbed it and got stung by one. I managed to carefully remove the bird box and place it on the ground at the back of the fence. Unfortunately they have left the nest, probably too wet or shaded where I put it.

The good news is that they are now building a new nest in a plastic hanging sock that's hung on the corner of my greenhouse. There's soil in it but no plants and it's great to watch them going in and out of the holes in the side of the hanging sock, pushing out the soil and flying in with little bits of leaves to build their nest.

11 Jul, 2014


Myron - I had another look and although the nest is inside the birdbox I can only see one wasp at a time coming and going. It doesn't seem to be a 'hive of activity'. Also didn't know that wasps go to sleep at night!

12 Jul, 2014

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