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By Jp4444

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Please can someone tell me what this is and when can I cut it back ? Thank you. ps,it flowers in summer then gets berries and is very fast growing, I love it and so do the bees but it's taking over



Hi, welcome to GoY, looks like a Lonicera, honeysuckle, but there are about 180 species, if you send another photo when the flowers open, we may be able to put a name to it, Derek.

11 Jul, 2014


I thought it was Jasmium beesianum. An absolute monster and needs somewhere big enough to grow it.
A neighbour used to grow this on a fence next to my garden and no matter what she did to it, it just kept coming back. It was even growing 'through' a mound of concrete! She dug out as much as she possibly could and is currently using weedkiller in an attempt to keep knocking it back until it eventually gives up.

11 Jul, 2014


I'd go for a jasmine too.

13 Jul, 2014


Ok thank you for your help

14 Jul, 2014

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