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can goats eat fly honeysuckle berries



thank you

15 Jul, 2014


Have a few of these in a wooded border next to a field. The berries are edible though might be a bit distastefull to the goat. If that is the case, the goat will chose not to eat the berries again but no harm done if it does.

16 Jul, 2014


Goats eat anything, we used to keep goats and one day they started to look poorly and one died. We sent for the vet who we knew very well. He brought his locum up to see and if it hadn't been for him we would have never been any the wiser. They had eaten raw uncooked beetroot leaves and they are poisonous to goats. If they had been cooked leaves they would not have harmed them but because they created some sort of chemical in their gut it really made them poorly. You really need to ask a Vet this question as it is not a gardening question and without you have knowledge of what or not a goat is able to eat no-one is able to answer your question correctly. Please ask a vet he/she is the best person to tell you.

16 Jul, 2014


One of my goats died from eating Rhododendrum leaves that someone had thrown on the canal bank bordering the house. I didn't know until then that they were poisonous to goats. The vet put me right and if I were you I'd ask a vet. They seem to me to be indiscriminate eaters.

16 Jul, 2014


thats funny i love cooked beetroot leaves fried with butter, yum yum.

16 Jul, 2014


cooked leaves do not harm goats either as the toxins are killed with cooking Eamonn. lol :O)

17 Jul, 2014


Tesco put beetroot leaves in salad bags so we ate a few of ours and we are still here. but goats are different...

17 Jul, 2014


they certainly are Stera :O)

17 Jul, 2014

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